A common civic platform for Europe


Today, Nesta and our partners launch EuropeCommons.org. The site is a catalogue of civic software and services across Europe that help governments work better. By capturing applications and information about how and where they’ve been deployed, and with what impact, we want to encourage greater collaboration and reuse of civic solutions.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we’d like people to adopt the spirit of Proudly Found Elsewhere…

To do this, EuropeCommons will strive to understand what services have been deployed, what evidence there is of the service working, and how easy it is technically to deploy it elsewhere.

We are looking for digital tools and services that:

  • Have a civic focus, are aimed at improving the lives of citizens.
  • Are relatively mature. They should be deployed or used in at least one location.
  • Ideally provide evidence of use and effectiveness. The intent is to create a high quality dataset over time.

The range of tools and services is broad, from Drupal (which we think displays great potential to be adopted cheaply by local councils) through to sites that show where fruit can be harvested from city-owned trees.

Ironically, the idea of sharing good civic digital services is not itself new. There is an existing European site, but it’s difficult to navigate and doesn’t seem to focus on usage. EuropeCommons aims to fix this and make it easy to understand what works in practice.

The site is in beta, so please help us improve it – tweet us @europecommons. And we’d love to hear of your examples of great digital services (from anywhere)that you’d like to share or see live near you.



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