Creative Business Mentor Network: Welcome Workshop

A few weeks ago we hosted a Welcome Workshop for all memebers of this year’s Creative Business Mentor Network. Here are some photos to give a sense of the event – if it looks like people were talking all day, that’s because they almost always were. The atmosphere was hugely positive and buzzy and the idea of the ‘Network’ was immediately brought to life.

The Workshop lasted from 10:30am until the early evening, and there was only one point at which the room was silent. Before the mentors arrived in the afternoon, Regina Byrne, Nesta’s Executive Coach on the programme, asked the mentee companies a series of questions about how they perceive themselves, what they would like to achieve, and what they would like to change.

Two that resonated were: ‘What should you stop doing?’ ‘What should you never stop doing?’

It was such a simple exercise but one that seemed extremely worthwhile to all companies as they scribbled down answers – perhaps a good indicator of the effectiveness of this year’s mentoring process. Creative Businesses take note – even setting aside just fifteen minutes to force yourself to answer a few challenging questions might be what produces the best business decisions you’ve ever made.


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